O’Neills Villa Reign in Perspective


Trying to shed some light on the manager who has just been sacked by the management at Sunderland is to look at some facts.

During the period that Martin O’Neill was in charge at Aston Villa, there was a very real window of opportunity for any club that could get decent backing to break into the TOP 4 and realise Champions League or European competition revenues.

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3 Year Sabbotical is Over

Been a while, and now that I have been away from VP for a very long time, I can start to put some opinion back into the world of my Aston Villa passion.

Met so many great Villa fans over the past 5 years.

I won’t be running a supporters club anytime soon, but I will be doing a few blog posts, which will include some of my experiences over the 40 plus years of following the Claret / Blue team from Brum. Read more ›

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Peter Withe Fact File

From Peter’s CV provided to Villans Worldwide as the Patron of the Aussie Villans Supporters Club
Date of Birth: 30 August 1951
Place of Birth: Liverpool
Nationality: British
Residency: Australia


I have excelled in both my years of playing in Football and in coaching Football. My achievements have been made possible through sheer determination, hard work and the will to win. I am a hardworking conscientious coach with a motivating personality. A natural born leader, I place emphasis on continuous personal development and upgrading my knowledge within the game. I have travelled extensively and have been met and loved by Nations across the globe. Read more ›

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Playing for the Villa, just one more time.

by John Tebbett

There was an expectant hush around Bodymoor Heath. It wasn’t yet 3pm, and kick off wasn’t till four, but already they were queing.

“When’s he arriving?” asked the guy from Denmark. He was the chair of the Denmark Lions, ninety members strong, and had just flew in from Copenhagen. Security didn’t know when: but they were out in force. This was a big match. Randy Lerner had instructed. Nothing must go wrong.

“There – that’s him!” shouted the Dutch chair, in perfect English, “the grey haired guy, that’s him alright.” There was a swell in the crowd, autograph hunters surrounded the car; security got anxious.

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Does Martin O’Neill have the right vision?

Martin O’Neill has now had half a season in charge of Aston Villa and has made a number of comments concerning transfer speculation.

One thing that has been mentioned or quoted on a few occasions is his thoughts about concentrating on local talent. This raises a few questions of just what the vision is of the new Management team backed by Randolph (Randy) Lerner and what sorts of discussions are taking place in terms of Martin”s shopping list as far as strengthining the team is concerned. concert tickets

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