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Welcome to Villans Worldwide, originally an Aston Villa football club supporters and fans site for “Villans” from around the world, particularly expats.


Villans Worldwide was established in July 2005 in Sydney Australia as the first online club of its kind to allow supporters living overseas the means to join an officially registered supporters club and enjoy the interaction of an online community supporting Aston Villa football club a premier league team in England.

Aston Villa FC officially sanctioned the Villans Worldwide Supporters Club in November 2006 as an extension to the Aussie Villans Supporters Club that was initially established in 1990.

Aussie Villans

The Aussie Villans supporters club was setup by Ken Shaw, and in its hey day particularly when Bozzie was playing for the Villa boasted some 250+ members.  Ken was a real trooper, constantly writing to the various chairman’s over the years to improve the supporter base structure.

I had personally been a member from 1993, but prior to that ran the Villa Quiz on the IRC channel #Villa as well as contributing to the Villa Digest setup by Simon Bonnick the founder of Villa Talk.

After Mark Bosnich left Villa for Manchester United, which also coincided with the decline in the clubs on field performances and league positions, numbers significantly dropped off.  Ken having to step aside due to ill-health as well, meant that the supporters club slowly whittled away to a handful of us.

Due to the vast distances between fans, there were small pockets of supporters, the most active being in South Australia, we decided to setup a virtual on-line club with Live chat etc. with me being the Chairman. A few die hards would join up in the small hours of the aussie day to listen to commentary and chat in real time.  The club took off with members joining from New Zealand, Iceland / Ireland in particular with some healthy banter and fantastic trips to Villa Park.

Official Aston Villa Lions Club

In 2009 Aston Villa FC introduced the Lions Club network, which in turn has fullfilled the gap and extended to clubs within England that Villans Worldwide was in fact established for.

As a result of the AVFC Lions Clubs network and website, Villans Worldwide became semi redundant not to mention the fact that I had also taken up the position as the web manager at Aston Villa.

Villans Worldwide is reinventing itself as a perosonal fan site centered around providing an avenue for like-minded Villa supporters and fans of Aston Villa to debate various opinions in the form of a blog.

With this in mind I have redesigning the website to be primarily

  • Blog and comments based community.
  • Exchange any Tickets.
  • A place where Villa fans can rant.
  • Link into and support the AVFC Lions Club Network.

The focus of Villans Worldwide is to give an independent view-point and to make new Claret / Blue friends with possible trips to Villa Park.  If a club exists in your local area we encourage you to join them as the local social aspects are second to none.

Villans Worldwide Logo

Would love to have your feedback on the crests I’ve created. These are options to adopt for the new Villans Worldwide that incorporate the original rampant lion of Scotland. This was on one of the very first Villa shirts and detailed on the Aston Villa site in the history section – “Kits”.

A short blog on the logo with comments to get feedback will be on the new site followed by a poll to vote on the one you like the most

Up the mighty Villa!

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